Yeguada FlordeLis | History
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The passion for horses in our family dates back several generations when the grandfather, Infante of Spain Alfonso de Borbon y Borbon, first cousin of Alfonso XII registered the stud farm Flor de Lis in 1941 and specialized in breeding Arabian horses and on his death in 1964 became the property of Dona Teresa of Bourbon. For some years the Arabian horses was not bred and then SAR Dona Teresa started to search for a mare descending from the mares originally bred by Flor de Lis but was unable to find any. At a later date she bought a series of mares from the military stud among the first to be purchased was the mare Tea and in 1966 she acquired the mare Nevisca from D. Rafael Munoz Rojas. This mare apart from descending from the purest origins had a fantastic character due to her having been bottle fed as a baby. The fact that the Arabs shared their tents with their favorite horses attributed to the formation of excellent characters so important in a companion which is how an Arabian horse should be considered. The mare Nevisca was of purest origins which crossed to the purest of desert lines and if we research back far enough to the Saqlawi line one of the original five lines of the Arabian horse. At this time all the horses at present owned by the Flor de Lis Stud originate from the unforgettable mare Nevisca . One of the characteristics of the Flor de Lis stud farm are the fantastic movements and characters their docility and aptitude for work. From this stud farm many national and international champions have been bred both for sport and morphological show.